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House Finale. Thoughts.

Spoilery comments are spoilery for House season 8 finale. 

I was pretty under whelmed to be honest. The first 50 minutes bored me,  and the ending was totally predictable. We’ve had SO many season finales where House battles with his internal demons, trying to work out whether or not he’s worthy of love. They’ve done it better than that on many occasions. I have to admit that I liked that it was Cameron’s hallucination that finally prompted him to get off his ass and live – nice bit of reverse psychology there Cam. Cameron represents the part of him that believes he is capable of love. That is sweet. And she looked happy with her fella and her little baby. She deserves that. Oh and Robert Chase MD for the win!

The very ending was satisfying. Wilson manages to look tame and pussy cat- like in bike leathers – I love it. But I think back to the emotional punch of something like Lost’s finale, or Six Feet Under, and it was just a bit  meh by comparison. But like David Shore said, don’t judge the whole thing by that one episode, there were 176 more episodes before it.

I wonder how the Huddys feel – if they even watched it.  I’m sorry, but something HUGE must have happened for Lisa Edelstein to not want to do a quick cameo.  She must have her reasons, but it’s sad I think. It must sting to have things wrap up like that and not be part of it. Her absence was felt, for me at least. I’d take her over Stacy any day of the week (although, gotta hand it to Sela Ward for going back and doing her bit – good on her.) I particularly loved seeing Kutner and Cut Throat Bitch too!! And there was very little of 13! B-o-n-u-s points. And her line "He said he'd kill me. I respected him for that" or whatever it was. The most ridiculous line ever in the history of any TV show. I just kept thinking how inappropriate it was. Then I laughed. Out loud. Not funeral appropriate 13, just, shhh sit down. The whole funeral scene was a bit awkward actually. Probably because it was obvious House was still alive. 

It was definitely time to end though. Does that mean we get Hugh Laurie back now then? I hope so. 



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May. 22nd, 2012 10:29 am (UTC)
Hmm. It was crap. And the fact that I have ranted on other journals is a troubling sign of my lingering attachment. I wanted a little more. A wanted a little sincerity - is that so bad? Fuck, No Reason did it a bajillion times better.

David Shore, do you think the creators of Lost rewarded their show and their fans with the most lukewarm finale imaginable? No. What a cop out.

Also: how the fuck did House escape? It was so ridiculous.

But what else can I say...House loves Wilson and Wilson loves House and that's how it should have been. That aspect is satisfying: that there are other types of love besides romantic that matter. And often matter the most.
The thing is, I loved Cameron as much as I loved House, and while she was there and I appreciated that her part was meant to be important, the lack of acknowledgement on House's end was pretty dismal.

And I am well, how are you, friend? It's great to hear that you've finished your degree. I myself have just finalised my doctorate and I started when House started. So I understand the sense of...things finally coming to an end?

Yes, onwards!
May. 22nd, 2012 11:56 am (UTC)
That aspect is satisfying: that there are other types of love besides romantic that matter. And often matter the most.

Yes, it is important. And that House would give everything up for five months with Wilson is a delightful way to end things. It's just a shame they did it in a contrived way. I blame the writers. They're capable of much better. And that finale was probably David Shore's worst effort in terms of writing and direction to date. But alas, they've been overreaching in terms of plot since the end of season three. The subtle emotional feel of the first two seasons was what drew people in. It's a shame it couldn't have kept that tone a little, a bit less bamboozle, and a bit more realistic feeling.

There was an odd sense of personal reassessment with this final for some reason. I'm very well though. Congratulations on your doctorate! Sounds like you've been working very hard!
May. 23rd, 2012 08:47 pm (UTC)
I 've never stopped watching House, even though it was way past its prime time. But season 8 was different. I have to say that I really liked this season, most of it anyway. It had a better balance and a very season 2 sense of humor, both elements painfully absent from seasons 5-7. So, maybe this season and surely the whole series deserved a better ending. I did expect it to be better and there were some things left unexplained. But as Lost taught us, you don't have to explain everything and the House-Wilson ending itself was very satisfying, especially considering that I didn't like the whole Wilson's cancer arc - it seemed a somewhat forced way to end the series. What's more, I avoided all spoilers and I pretty much expected that House would die in the end, so that was a pleasant surprise (although his death in the burning building was not very convincing). Another thing I was not expecting was to see all those actors returning and especially Cameron. It was nice to see her again but also kind of sad because I could not help thinking what if the producers hadn't fire Jennifer Morrison...As for Cuddy, well, I never was a Cuddy hater but I think I had too much of her in seasons 6 and 7 so I can't say her absence bothered me. All in all, I too agree it was time to end and the end could be better and more deserving, but still I will miss it.

Edited at 2012-05-23 09:10 pm (UTC)
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